Programs & Events

Learn about our current programs here and events.  We will continue to add more as we expand and grow, so stay tuned and keep checking back in. 


Carolina 321

Carolina 321 is a social group for adult members of GSDSS, ages 21+.  This group meets monthly, plus goes on six annual outings.  The outings and fun activities are decided within this group of self-advocates, and funded by GSDSS.  Contact Nell Huffman for more information. You may call her at 843.283.1123 or email her by clicking below.


Grand Strand Little Homies with Extra Chromies

This is a social group for children ages 4 and under, along with their parents.  This group was created to provide new parents with the support needed to navigate the new life of being a special needs parent. Due to busy schedules when caring for our younger kiddos, this group does not have a fixed schedule, but meet as often as they can. Their activities are funded by GSDSS.  Contact Erica Klocker to learn more. 


GSDSS Swim Program

The Grand Strand Down Syndrome Society is happy to announce that we are partnering with the local YMCA to provide swim lessons to members of the GSDSS.  Individuals of any age with DS can apply for the program in which they will receive 12 lessons with a certified instructor.  Once we receive the application and it has been approved, it will be sent to YMCA and an instructor will contact you directly.  Payment for 12 lessons will be made directly to YMCA. 


project lifesaver Partnership 

Grand Strand Down Syndrome Society is happy to be partnering with Project Lifesaver, a branch of SOS Healthcare that focuses on providing non-verbal individuals with GPS tracking devices. By doing so, we can provide timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children who wander due to their diagnosis.   These devices are provided free of charge to families who have non-verbal individuals of all abilities.

You can learn more about this amazing program  or apply for a device by clicking on the button below. 



Buddy Talk

Buddy Talk is a summer camp created for kids with Down syndrome ages 6-12, and their typical peers who volunteer. While this camp is about fun and games, there is an emphasis on language skills.

This is a week long summer camp program free to members- with transportation provided. It usually takes place in early August. Connect with Grace Williams at 843.455.7283 for more information. You may also email her by clicking below.

Door and Window Chimes

  • GSDSS provides door and window sensor packs to families who need them. The pack includes one door sensor and 3 window sensors to alert caregivers if a loved one goes outdoors without their knowledge or consent. These chimes are available to GSDSS members who live with a person who has Down syndrome. You may apply for chimes by clicking on the application button below, and a set will be mailed to you. If you are not yet a member, you may sign up for free by going HERE and clicking on JOIN NOW under the MEMBERSHIP tab.

Other Programs & events We Fund:

Partnership with Project Lifesaver and Miracle League

  • The GSDSS has donated to the Miracle League for the past several years to support their efforts in the special needs community. The Miracle League supports children and adults with DS by including them in their sports programs.

CPR Class

  • GSDSS will be providing our members with a CPR class. This class has not been scheduled yet but we are hoping to hold it in the late summer/early fall.

School-Aged Group

  • This is a social group we would like to start this year. It will resemble the Carolina 321 group, but for a younger age group.  

World Down Syndrome Day

  • We celebrate World Down Syndrome Day each year by having a bowling party. This year we added an advocacy event and handed out information and brochures at 3 locations.

Educational Opportunities

  • We will continue to pay for the registration fees for our members who want to participate in conferences that are provided in our area. We have sent members to the SCDS Conference yearly for the past several years. We also offer registration to conferences that are held by the SOS concerning special needs.

Major Project Fund

  • We are currently committed to saving 20% of our yearly income into a separate savings account that will go towards our major project funds. Our dream is to one day have a center for people with Down syndrome, much like GiGi’s playhouse.

Christmas Party

  • Each year we hold a Christmas party where we provide food, entertainment, and gift bags for members. It really is a celebration where all come together in the spirit of the holiday!

Parents Night Out

  • The GSDSS is committed to hosting 3 PNO events for the 2018 year. We hold these in conjunction with the Beach Church PNO so that parents have child care options and can attend. We pay $20 towards each parents meal and do not cover alcoholic beverages at any event.

Summer and Spring time BBQ

  • We decided to host a spring and summer BBQ for families in 2018, and these will take place at the Miracle League field. Hot dogs, hamburgers and a fun social experience will be provided by the organization.