Learn about our current programs here.  We will continue to add more as we expand and grow, so stay tuned and keep checking back in. 


Carolina 321

Carolina 321 is a social group for adult members of GSDSS, ages 21+.  This group meets monthly, plus goes on six annual outings.  These outings are decided within the group.  Contact Nell Huffman for more information. You may call her at 843.283.1123 or email her by clicking below.


Grand Strand Little Homies with Extra Chromies

This is a social group for children ages 4 and under, along with their parents.  This group was created to provide new parents with the support needed to navigate the new life of being a special needs parent.  Contact Erica Klocker to learn more. 


GSDSS Swim Program

The Grand Strand Down Syndrome Society is happy to announce that we are partnering with the local YMCA to provide swim lessons to members of the GSDSS.  Individuals with DS can apply for the program in which they will receive 12 lessons with a certified instructor.  Once we receive the application and it has been approved, it will be sent to YMCA and an instructor will contact you directly.  Payment for 12 lessons will be made directly to YMCA. 


project lifesaver Partnership 

Grand Strand Down Syndrome Society is happy to be partnering with Project Lifesaver, to help provide GPS tracking devices for individuals who are non-verbal or runners.  By doing so, we can provide timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children who wander due to their diagnosis.   

You can learn more about this amazing program  or apply for a device by clicking on the button below.