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Our Mission

The mission of the Grand Strand Down Syndrome Society is to make life better for people in our community who have Down syndrome and their families and caregivers. We will offer support and information to families and professionals, and we will promote a positive image of Down syndrome in our area. We will bring to light the potential and greatness that each person with Down syndrome possesses. We will strive to create the kind of awareness and acceptance of Down syndrome that will last long after our generation is gone. We will nurture parents of babies with Down syndrome, and we will provide all people whose lives have been touched by this condition a group where they feel welcomed and accepted. We will create opportunities for individuals and families to network, socialize, and become better informed. Furthermore, as we are able, we will support local, state, and national efforts to ensure fair and equitable conditions for all people who have Down syndrome or another disability. 

How We Carry It Out...

The Grand Strand Down Syndrome Society began with a small group of parents and volunteers who were passionate about supporting those who are affected by Down syndrome in the Grand Strand.  It continues to serve families by:

  • Providing support for new families.
  • Promoting compassion for all individuals, regardless of abilities, in our daily living.
  • Empowering individuals with Down syndrome with educational and social opportunities and events.
  • Increasing awareness of Down syndrome in the community by collaborating with local professionals, businesses and schools by collaborating for events and gatherings. 
  • Seeking dedicated volunteers and innovators to expand the programs available to individuals and families.
  • Networking with other organizations so as to increase our own knowledge and education surrounding Down syndrome. 
  • Updating our sources as regularly as possible. 

"My son was diagnosed with CHD & DS before he was born.

Neither my wife or I had experience with anyone with DS.  We were scared out of our minds. We were able to meet with many parents with children who had DS thru GSDSS.  We were introduced to a family that had a son with DS & CHD.  When I saw the father walk into the room, and the child was so excited to see him, I wasn't as scared anymore.  I looked forward to my son looking at me the same way.  Through many heart and other surgeries, all the highs and lows, the members of GSDSS have been there.  I can never thank them enough for all they have done." 

— Bryan Baker